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The Other Side Of 1999

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It was a hot summer night on the plains of Africa, and everyone was celebrating. The year was over, gone with its problems and sorrows. Everyone danced and indulged themselves, besides, there would never be another 1999, the turn of the century…the new millennium.

I sat there watching and wondering “could there be any of us who had seen the turn of the previous century?” The old woman? The old man? The few, ageless parents of our society, who seemed to live on forever. In my mind, time was still, and I wandered around aimlessly in my reveries. But the clock kept ticking, ticking, ticking… 1999 was coming to a close!

As my journey through my dreams ended, and as I came back to reality, there was just enough time for me to realize that they – the crowd, the world – were halfway through their countdown. And so, they carried on; “Five…Four…Three…Two…One…” and just then it happened.

Time was still, stale as an old cabbage, it seemed everyone had realized it. 1999 was gone, here was the other side! We didn’t catch the millennium bug – that’s for computers only – because we’re human. We realized though that it was a New Year, the rat-race of life continues, the seemingly ageless – age, and we definitely have new problems to usher in the New Year.

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