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The Show Must Go On

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The revered greatest show on earth has increased stakes for the next showcasing to a staggering $420 an amazing 61% improvement from the prize in Germany. This alone should be reason enough for grown man to cry on tv ala John “Waterman” Terry and even more unhappiness on the back of a loss such displays that followed when Argentina were ousted by Germany during the last campaign.

The Semi-Finalists will get $20 while Quarter Finals will get a sum of $18. $40 is also to be allotted to all clubs that have players participating. $1600 per day per player to a club.

The Irish team unfortunately will not be sharing in these amounts of money that will swapping hands come next year. Last week they learnt that they wont be participating in the greatest show on earth. Their hopes that the game against France which was decided by a handball will not be nullified. However, the show must go on and Henry’s hand has handed him and his countrymen a position in to a mediocre group that should not offer that much resistance in qualifying for the second round. A group that contains the hosts, Mexico, Uruguay. Les Blues aren’t as convincing as they were in the early half of this decade but under the leadership of Henry they should at least hope to qualify for the second round. A team that won the holy grail in 98 and won the Euro in 2000. Mexico will probably expect to contest with Uruguay for the other qualification spot.

The prestigious draw was held on the 4th December 2009 in Long Street: Cape Town. The darling of Benoni Charlize Theron to witness this. David Beckham never ceases to make more attention outside the football field more than on it. Purists will once again why shouldn’t he be worrying more about his place in the England outfit. Cappello has expressed what his dream final is and it includes the team he is managing and his country of birth. England who are with Holland are the biggest chokers in world football feel they have what it takes to go all the way and somehow the absence of their wives and girlfriends may be enough to bring the trophy. They find themselves in a mediocre group too with USA, Algeria and Slovenia.

The group of death though one will feel is where Drogba and his Ivory Coast find themselves in. They will find themselves swimming with piranhas in the form of two firm favourites Brazil and Portugal and one can be forgiven for forgetting North Korea. Most groups though are not as exciting as this one but that only means room for upsets and tears which is the beauty of the beautiful game.

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