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The ‘undiscovered’ aspects of Beauty

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Beauty has been at the centre of much debate and scrutiny. The world has passionately tried to define beauty and mould it into certain stereotypes. It is one of the states often pursued and mistakenly perceived as the outer-appearance.

In theses days of mental liberation and self-actualisation, some people still shallowly assume beauty (read perfection) will ensure they attain whatever they desire, need or want. Beauty does not have one universal definition and is unparallel with what we conclude as truth.

When one pursues beauty; the type synonymous with worldliness, they lose their natural flair. It erodes any identity and appreciation for one’s roots and self. If we consciously made the effort to regain our natural wisdom, we would realize this and positively use it to our advantage.

Real beauty, the non-fabricated and non-exaggerated type, begins with holding yourself in high esteem and developing a perfectly imperfect sync with all elements that make you (physical, spiritual, emotional, mental).
Some people have their soul in their visage. They reflect vitality, joy and hope. They need little inspiration, for they are inspiration itself. They are lovers not fighters and clasp life in their warm hands and paint stories pregnant with experience, depth and happiness. They consciously make the intelligent decision to exhaust the natural resources at their disposable, in order to aptly play their role in life.

The politics of aesthetics tend to be intense and very European biased. Obviously this is disturbing.Essentially; we are all beautiful even in our ugliness. Beauty is encrusted in our appreciation of life, savoured in our embracing the positive and blessing the negative. It peaks in the sparkle that plays in the eye.Yet, beauty is not exclusive. The basics of beauty remain cleanliness, naturalness and happiness. It is upsetting to note that the definition of modern beauty aims to capitalize on some people’s insecurities (especially the many Afrikans, who voraciously believe Western products were made for them, thus damaging themselves and the little beauty they were born with).

Men should satisfy the pressure they exert on womenfolk on themselves. The last time I checked, it was not women’s obligation to fulfill anyone’s desires and expectations. The worst part is some women put themselves on the line and abuse themselves in the name of beauty, only to suffer the traumatizing implications.

Trust me, I have seen people’s whose hair does not grow or falls off due to prolonged use of hair chemicals. Eyelashes that fall off with the fake ones.
Messed up skin caused by make-up and too many products (acne, black patches, rashes, wrinkles).Some women end up with crow’s feet, backache because they never learnt that stilettos are to be worn for brief periods (as they were busy trying to impress).In some cases cancers develop from beauty applications, from that substance in your eyeliner (is it really charcoal?) to ill-fitting bras meant to sexy you up. We must stop being gullible and un-thinking. I have yet to see an Afrikan’s men magazine or women’s beauty magazine, which honestly reflects afrikans and their culture, like the two famous ones that don’t even cater for Afrikans.We don’t go to our elders to consult on beauty since we have concluded that modernity equals Western.Yet, you will realize that Afrikan culture embodies the essence of clear beauty.

If we religiously followed a diet rich in grains, fruits, vegetables and water, continued to walk at every chance and lived a simple, clutter free life, we would be free of preventable illness and distress, and be effortlessly beautiful and lead satisfactory lives. In beauty and health, people are most likely to exhibit positive self esteem, competence and vigor.

The Yoruba of Nigeria come to mind. They are physically strong, intelligent, dark and shiny because they follow a diet rich in omega 6, vitanmins(citrus), vegetables and grains, The lifestyle habits of your forefathers is correct, even though you openly choose food from packets to seem up to date(get out of here!).

A healthy diet, hard labour and humour are a pre-requisite to stature.
I find it ironic that Afrikans devour information about their lifestyles (ours, pardon me)-something so personal and obvious. In our days of fake hair sance weaves, make-up, body building pills, processed foods and instant gratification, we need to find and keep ourselves for the internal beauty.

I am not claimant to superiority but this I believe to be a universal truth. We must return to our roots to harness and re-discover beauty, for it determines our emotional, spiritual and mental success. If we are to emancipate and continue rising it begins with taking care of and loving ourselves. This simple deed will open u to beauty, the type that remains when the glow of youth has faded.

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