Tunduro – International Festival for the Arts

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Tunduro – International Festival for the Arts, will take place on 27, 28 and 29 August 2010 in Maputo, has a strong focus on social responsibility and sustainability in the cultural sector. The festival will lay the first stepping stone for local professionals, as well as the audience, to make a connection to the international art world.

One of the main objectives of this project is to strengthen the infra structure in the creative sector in Mozambique, thus benefit both the country as well as local artists.

The festival will provide seminars, courses, films, children’s programme, a food fair and a festival shop. All the activities intend to promote cultural exchange and globalization of culture.

Tunduro Festival will provide about twenty free outdoor events, with music, theatre and dance. These events will take place on two stages, one on Av. Samora Machel and another in front of the Fortaleza. Besides these performances, there will be payable events in closed venues.

International Artists

PJ Powers And HHP

PJ Powers, or  Penelope Jane Dunlop, her real name (6 July 1960), South African artist, born in Durban, Kwazulo Natal with an enviable 15 year career in neighbouring South Africa.  P.J. Powers has recorded 15 albums and has had success in the British top music list with her hit “World in Union” (with Ladysmith Black Manbazo) in 1995.  She’s been in Mozambique before with great success.  A very popular artist who marked an era.

HHP (Hip Hop Pantsula) is a South African rapper. His real name is Jabulani Tsambo. He sings in different local languages, often  in Setswana.

Natalie Rungan

A young singer from Durban, Natalie sings, composes and has lived Jazz and R&B since she started singing in church in her childhood. In 2002 she completed her degree, Master In Jazz Performance, Composition and Arranging, having before, in 1999, concluded her Bachelors degree in Music at the University of Natal.

Influences by amongst other Joshua Redman, Dianne Reeves, Ella Fitzgerald, she sings jazz and R&B and has already shared the stage with big names in major festivals where she shared the credit with South African icons Sibonguile Khumalo, Hugh Masekela & Winston Mankungu and the Americans Al Jarreau ,Larry Ridley, and others.

Aly Keita

Aly Keita, born in Abijan in 1969, musician and excellent balafone player from the Ivory Coast. He was introduced to music at a young age by his family who familiarized him with the marimba xilophone. Aly Keita’s balafone is above all a work of art. We can consider Aly the king of musical tuning, having personalised his instrument with rope and wood, adding different resonators, to become his unique instrument.

Mozambican Artists


The music of  Massukos preserves the traditional rhythms of Niassa province,  os ritmos tradicionais da província do Niassa, once extinct, it was recovered after  17 years of civil war. Its first life performance took place in 1994, with themes interpreted in three traditional languages – Yao, Nyanga e Makua. The reputation of the group grew and its music captivated an international audience. Their first journey abroad took place in 1998, for the EXPO 98 in Lisbon, Portugal. The first CD Kuimba kwa Massuko (2001) did very well both nationally as well as internationally, sealing their succes.

Banda Kwezi

Founded in 1995 by a group of multi faceted young musicians, Lizete Tcheco (flute), Ben Muthemba (lead guitar and voice), André Guimarães (Contra-Solo), Artur Matsinhe (Accoustic Bass), Dito Lichuge (percursion), Vasco Sambo (Voice). The group has presented a musical line of fusion, traditional Mozambican rhythms with the new sounds that characterize the contemporary urban music, with a strong acoustic component in their compositions.

Group Moticoma

A group which brings traditional Mozambican music, founded in 2001. The name results from a fusion of the surnames of the group members. The group exists of nine young musicians, the majority of whom are students without financial means, but with an excellent artistic project. Moticoma brings its own unique repertoire, inspired on traditional Mozambican music, using mbira, timbila, djum-djum e djembe, together with modern musical instruments. The fusion results in a sound which literally is ‘music to the ears of Mozambican music lovers’.

Pureza Wafino

Mozambican artist, born in Zambezi Province in 1977. She officially started her musical career 10 years ago, but started singing and dancing as a child, imitating traditional themes and singers, national and international artists who inspired her to become the great singer she is today.

Bela Flores

Isabel da Silva Flores, born in Chinde, Zambezi province, in the North of Mozambique, in 1966. She started her musical career when she was young, singing music by Roberta Miranda and Wazimbo, amongst others, and in 1996 she started her career officially in Maputo.


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Special Tunduro Festival Accomodation Deals
The following nearby hotels have all made special weekend rate deal
packages to festival goers!

The rate applies to per couple sharing a double room for the nights of
Friday 27 th , Saturday 28 th and Sunday 29 th August (3 nights) all
inclusive on a bed and breakfast basis.

2* Hotel Turismo R1,410

1723 Ave 25 Setembro

+ 258 21 352200


3* Tivoli Hotel R2,023

1321 Ave 25 Setembro

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4* Pestana Rovuma R2,950

114 Rua de Sé

+ 258 21 305 000


Hotel Cardoso R3,200

707 Ave Martires de Mueda

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Southern Sun Maputo R4,200

4016 Ave Marginal

+ 258 21 495 050


5* Polana Serena (Mar) R4,200

1380 Ave Julius Nyerere

+ 258 21 241 700/1


Avenida R7,220

627 Ave Julius Nyerere

+ 258 21 48 44 00


Please note that you must request this Tunduro Festival Special rate at time of booking or you will be charged normal rate

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