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Whites Are The Gods of Most Africans

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You will be very fortunate to be listened to by Africans without questioning everything you say. Anyway, questioning before you accept anything is the best thing to do because it shows that you have a brain. The painful thing is most Africans use their brain only when being taught by their fellow black brothers and they will not accept anything from a black brother even if there is evidence on that as long that is not inline with their God the white man. Any teaching from the white people is accepted without using their brain and they don’t need any evidence from what comes from a white man. I hate the word believe because it’s associated with lies and illusions, things that need belief are things that’s cannot be proven to exist and wise people cannot live or follow beliefs. White people say black people are lazy, and people will deny that yet it’s true. I asked a white person who feels the same way (that black people are lazy) what they mean when they say black people are lazy? He said they are lazy to think, they just want to follow certain methods without applying their minds and they cannot think beyond a white man and come with their own inventions and ideas. They want to be given everything that’s why they own nothing. They are given religion, education, culture, system of governance , laws, food, clothing, technology etc. for them is to sit down and look for salvation from the whites (that’s includes their leaders) or pray for miracles.
We have thrown away all that is ours and follow things that we are given. We used to drink spring water and we were told spring water is bad, we now turn to tap water because the white man said so – the Lord for Africans. They then took our spring water, bottled it and come back to sell it to us and we accept it because of laziness to use the brain. They found us having thatched houses and they said its backwardness to have such houses we must be modernised and have corrugated iron, we throw away thatched houses listening to them. They built their thatched hotels and today we have to pay a lot of money to sleep under those thatched house yet our forefathers were sleeping in such houses everyday, but still Africans cannot use their minds to see that thatched house were the best. They told us that our culture is evil we need to throw it away and take Christianity, and we throw away our culture and we took Christianity. They took our culture and use it to control us today, the secrets societies which are ruling the world are following our culture, ruling us using our spirituality and culture by same people who said its evil. All the major secret societies that are controlling the world including the Jesuits and Freemasons are into African culture and spirituality. The people who gave Africans Christianity are themselves not following Christianity but they follow African spirituality and culture
I was once following Judaism and it’s perhaps about 90% African culture and Jews are the richest in the world and controlling the world with the very same spirituality and culture that Africans hate the most which is their own culture. Jews have become very rich using African culture and spirituality whilst Africans are the poorest using the adopted Christianity. If you know history you will find out that we were once the richest and the most powerful in the world, when we were still following our culture and spirituality .Today we are the poorest with our adopted Christianity and those who took our culture and spirituality eg. the Jews and Secret societies are the most powerful and also the richest in the world. I know that what I’m writing is like pouring water on top of a duck (Ngitsela emanti emhlane welidada) Africans are stubborn they don’t want to listen to other Africans they can even insult me just for trying to open their eyes. Islam is also maybe 75% African culture and Muslims are also very rich using African culture whilst Africans continue to reject their culture and spirituality; and are getting poor and poorer everyday. Christianity is for the cattle and sheep whilst the Elite are following real spirituality which is African spirituality.
Whilst I on Judaism I had an opportunity to learn more about most of the secret society and was surprised to see that they are indeed controlling us because of the wisdom found in African spirituality. We are the first born of all humans and we were given the best spirituality in the world, but we decided to listen to children and took their man made religion and threw away our spirituality. All spirituality in the world was formed out of African spirituality and culture. Today Africans are even looking down on farmers, even if you tell a lady that ‘I want to buy land so that we can produce our own food’ she will look at you as primitive and go for the guys staying in townhouses driving GTIs yet they are landless. Africans in the Southern hemisphere were eating sorghum (emabele) and cassava (umjumbula) as their staple food. They were introduced to maize by the Portuguese since then they changed their staple food to maize. After all everything that a white man says to black people is ‘’thus says the Lord ’’ they will hold on to that and make it their own as if they are the ones who own that thing. Black people like to adopt what is for white people as if it they owned it from the beginning. Just like Christianity, they were told by whites that their way of worship is evil and they were given Christianity to replace their spirituality, just as they were given maize to replace Sorghum (emabele) and Cassava (umjumbula). Sorghum and cassava are far more nutritious than maize, yet because they were given maize by their colonizers (God) they are holding on to maize at all cost. Africa is very hot and emabele and umjumbula can stand the heat and they survive better even during drought. Maize is very delicate, it’s good for colder places like the Highveld that is why even here in South Africa maize is mostly planted in the Highveld areas where it is cold. White farmers in the lowveld concentrate on planting something else not maize because the lowveld is hot.
We are currently facing a drought but most black people have planted maize knowing that maize is delicate compared to sorghum (emabele) and umjumbula(cassava). Some have resolved to not ploughing at all because maize have has failed, instead of ploughing emabele and umjumbula they’d rather starve knowing very well that umjambula and emabele can survive, but they have to obey their white masters who made them abandon their real staple food. They are waiting for the white man to say you can now plough cassava and sorghum. Today it looks like maize is our staple food because of the way we are holding on to it by all means, just like Christianity it seems we are the founders of maize as a staple food we eat maize more than those who came with maize. If you don’t know history you would think that Africans are the founders of Christianity as they practice it far more than the founders of Christianity. Black people prefer something that is not theirs compared to what is theirs, they would rather die of hunger than go back to their real staple food. Let us give back the Europeans what is theirs and take back what is ours. African give back Europe their inferior spirituality and culture, give back Christianity and the bible; stop this madness of thinking with Jesus you are rich and can have everything. Face reality, Africa you are the poorest and the slaves of everyone else because of that imaginary Jesus and Jehovah. Europeans, Indians, Chinese and Arabs have made their heaven here on earth on your land, using your resources and you are busy waiting for the imaginary man to come and take you into the imaginary heaven, whilst others have their heaven here and you are slaves to all. I know that you will defend your imaginary Jesus and Jehovah and some will unfriend me but I don’t care, at least I have been bold enough to tell you the truth. Africans spend their time defending European myths and imaginary manmade Gods, even killing one another for something that doesn’t exist. Maize for the Europeans and Christianity for the Europeans. Sorghum and cassava for the Africans and African spirituality for the Africans. Blackman you are on your own. SIYINDUNA SILINDZA MAPOPO RAMPANE NDUAWE
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