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Abdul Dube – Artist Feature

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artist statement

Our visual sense takes up 50% of our brain’s resources. Because of this, pictures truly are worth the proverbial 1000 words. In neurology, this is called the pictorial superiority effect. If information is presented orally, after 72 hours one will only remember approximately 10% of what was heard. But when a picture is added, recall reaches 65%. Our brains are wired to find visualisation.

My experience in visual facilitation, hosting and a deep passion for small and large group conversational processes, my vision is to provide guidance, leadership and support in co-creating the space for genuine dialogue and innovative creativity.


I am interested in working with organisations who are planning for, entering into and in the process of transformative developments.Organisations in need or visualising their meetings org structures 


Creating and holding the space for genuine dialogue, innovative creativity and positive change using tried and tested methods as well as developing customised processes. Participation, interaction and cross-connections are central to the work.

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Methods Include

Graphic Recording :Using visuals, I capture in real time (or not) the content of a talk or a conversation during a meeting, event, seminar or workshop. Big sheets of paper are taped on the walls to provide a large size canvas. The visual recorder works with markers and other strategies to capture the content of the talk using a mix of listening, words,drawings and movements. A digital version of the captures realized during your event are provided afterward to support further communications and discussions!

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Visual Facilitation : I facilitate your meetingsworkshopsseminars using visual facilitation.Together we conceive the journey of exchange and collective engagement to ensure collaborationefficiency and group dynamique. We engage collective intelligence to identify new ideas and explore alternative thinking to build a common vision. I offer myself  as a neutral facilitator, working in a playful and Learning zone to reach your target .

Visual mapping will give you an opportunity to work with a visual planner who can create a mural, yes literally a wall sized graphic showing out business vision! I work on big sheets of paper , together we look at the process of bringing your creative ideas with an ability to “structure” and see what you need to do to bring your vision to life.


Open Space Technology – bottom up agenda setting and self-organising dialogue.

The World Cafe – an innovative dialogue format for large and small groups.

Appreciative Inquiry – is about the coevolutionary search for the best in people, their organizations, and the relevant world around them

Visual practice
A space for artistic collaboration
Artist website
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