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An Alternative take on Dance

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Dance is a medium of communication that has the ability to lend itself and adapt in accordance to change over the years. It is a colossus of vocabularies, energies, thoughts and emotions that can only be elucidated by movements. As an expression, it does not conform but rather evolves as a mother of synergies and fait accompli.

The headstrong and assiduous Johannesburg Youth Ballet converged and coalesced it’s existence with an array of didactic and well documented compendiums that showcase their mercurial journey. Here, in our state of uncertainty, we are lilted away from the glum and maudlin vexations of the meritocratic spaces that have manacled us for too long.

At many times, when going out we have a plethora of suppositions, as was the case here. I was not let down. Enchanting ribbons, seasoned and improvised pirouettes were in abundance.

Open curtains, and into a few acts. I felt the need to discard and cast away the inhibitions that had created misconceptions regarding this art form.

The sheer precociousness and frolicsome passion imparted by the instructors has caused invaluable knowledge to permeate the culture of the institution over its lifetime of forty years. An evident principle within the establishment is it being an ancillary body that is at the helm of nurturing uncontaminated talent.

The rendition of a home grown feel to A Midsummer Night’s Dream does not leave the lovelorn in the lurch. Despite dating back eons and centuries, it negates and proves that dance is a language and a catalyst for expressing the unconventional and subtle directions.

The musical is packed with laughter and contrived around secrecy and mystery presented by decorous casts.

The production appeases the reticent souls to be steadfast, even when they have digressed outward in the pathway of the love floodgate.

The cast does not go unnoticed as the work of Krystn Janicek, Ruan Galdino and the crew presented an impeccable quality of endemic perfection. The play is quite an eye-opener.

While this season premieres with a few documents from the company, Look Up certainly resonates with the throngs that have conformed to the thumb fixation, while our relationships within our living and virtual world have become miasmic.  It seems as if carrying a communicating device has made engaging with acquaintances mammoth.

It is clear that when the company started it was at the height and the horrificiency of the law. However, it may be plausible that the demographics are still in the uncharted stages, even for a self-created cultural development entity. It is still a challenge for the artistic team to source younger dancers from different communal surroundings.

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