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i was born to walk among kings..it was written in the dreams and tears of my ancestors.

The Silent Ghosts of Ficksburg

you fought when many decided to remain silent

when the silence of hunger choked the defiance out of us, you spoke

not with words or well-articulated articles, but with the voice of many

you carried our hope with you until your dying moment in the hands of a pirates supporter

whose cries of anguish and pain reasonate with those who only knew you in death

those who refused to cry when they saw u fight the violence of centuries, violence dressed in blue gestapo suits

violence that lies in reserve, only to be woken up when we can no longer stand the deafening silence

we remain mum and silent, we fear that they may do to us, what they did to you

if only we knew that we are dead already, for which spirits can live knowing that the moment they speak up

rubber bullets shall find a home in the defiant bosoms of those who dare to say, “ENOUGH”

we have seen it before, when hector was carried by Mbuyisa, when bantu lay lifeless on a cold pretoria floor

we have become immune to death at the hands of those in blue, we have become immune to death

injected in our blood, death has become one of us, lingering in the midst, a friend of the silence that sleeps next to all of us

only to rise when valiant voices speak out, to silence them with blood, so that we may know that to be silent is to be safe, to continue in this pigsty we must be silent while the harbingers of death eat at the trough of greed

we must be silent, for any scream, action, or complaint shall place you in the same shaky hands that held tatane

lifeless and bullet-ridden

who shall speak for him now?

– End –

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