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At a distance I stand and observe,

View life changing as I become the verb,

The nerve of this human being, Seeing without seeing,

Then saying what I’m feeling,


Wake up!

This is real life you’re living in,

Before, still seeking,

Now my quest is shaping,

As I experience my new state of being,

Free in me,

So vividly,

Colours escape like bright lights around me,

Eyes open, Go boldly where many fear to tread,

My daily bread, Spirit filled pressed down,

shaken together and running over,

The world is my home,

Don’t care where I lay my head,

I fear no darkness,

Love is found when we realise we are one with the most High,

No man, place or situation will determine my destiny,

If one persists it’s deemed a lie,

Continuously try,

with patience and passion,

The laws of attraction,

Chemically unbalanced,

I have become a new creation,


Like the dawning of the sun,

Each day reborn,

Give thanks for blessings and for those lost carry on,

My plan, To take life by the hand,

Explore culture and obtain wisdom from others as I begin to understand,

I have become human,

A soldier, Striving for wisdom,

Exposing false truths, Remain for ever a youth,

My mind defines,

Not time or even how I look,

It has begun,

Live in light and lost in love,

And one day when my sun sets,

Ill have lived knowing the battle was overcome with no regrets,

By what I did and not what I could have done,

All things in love.


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