Mpho Nkadimeng – Artist Biography

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Mpho Nkadimeng

Mpho Nkadimeng


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Cell No:  0846968517


My name is Mpho Nkadimeng, I grew up without any art back ground, my first encounter of a drawing that captured my attention was when I was in grade two, of which I had no idea of anything that is related to art, then I first started drawing in grade four, which was just doodling in class, and realising that it can keep me busy since I had no friends, I became addicted to it as it portrayed my overall perception of my fantasy world. I went on to draw by myself teaching myself how to use colouring pencils that my mom always got from work after realising that I love to draw, then in grade nine it was then I was told about something called fine arts by my vice principal and I had no idea what it was. But then it became something that I desperately wanted to achieve. When I finished matric I applied for a cause called fine arts in Tshwane University of Technology, when I got to university I had come to realise that all my life I had been lacking more than I could imagine with art as I had met other students who were better than I was but a thought occurred to me that I that was only the beginning and if I want to learn I have to humble myself and depend on myself like I never did before.

Mpho Nkadimeng

Mpho Nkadimeng

Mpho Nkadimeng

Mpho Nkadimeng

Mpho Nkadimeng

Artist’s statement

Art became my friend before it became my skill talent and career, which is why I can never say my art is directed to a certain point as it is all about what I feel ranging from abstract forms realistic figures, or reality and imagination, or social interruptions and self-catering ideas. The mediums I am most comfortable using are oil paints, pencils, pen and clay, although that never restricts me from working with steel and other mediums they may be foreign to art practice traditionally art based.

Artist’s C.V

Mpho Nkadimeng

I was born in Mpumalanga at a place called Dennilton currently Limpopo in Philadelphia hospital, in 1987 and I grew up in Moteti which is twenty minutes’ drive from the hospital. I attended primary in Nkadimeng Primary School which is not related to my family in any point coincidently it was named that, then attended my high school in Dibathuto Secondary School which I completed my matric there, and I studied Fine Arts in Tshwane University of Technology.

Mpho Nkadimeng

Mpho Nkadimeng

Work experience

2011-2014: Pretoria Art Museum- Tour guide and Art Workshop Facilitator

2013: taken part in a residency in Kopanong art studio at the pretoria arts museum

Group shows


Annual Antique art exhibition

At Melrose house


Art and fashion exhibition

At DTI campus


16 October- 24 November 2013

Kopanong art residency joint show with Mpho Nkadimeng (Pretoria art museum)

Mpho Nkadimeng

Mpho Nkadimeng

I exhibited with the Capital Arts Revolution 2013.


11-18/10/2012: My work was featured in a theatre play called SARAFINA in black and white


2012: (WHIPS) art exhibition at waterkloof house theatre (arts alive)


2012: I exhibited with the Capital Arts Revolution from.


2011: For sale group exhibition project


2011: Kasi group exhibition


2011: my first exhibited with the Capital Arts Revolution from

Mpho Nkadimeng

Mpho Nkadimeng




2010: Tshwane University of technology annual group exhibition (at the Pretoria art museum)


2010: (WHIPS) art exhibition at waterkloof house theatre (arts alive)

Mpho Nkadimeng




2012: Assistant curator at tut alumni exhibition




2011: creative industries consortium

2013: Associated Innovative Visual Arts (AIVA) Vice chairperson

2013: Kopanong art residency

2013: Moving Contemporary Art world (MoCA) (co-Founder)




2011: Pretoria News


Mpho Nkadimeng      Mpho Nkadimeng Mpho Nkadimeng      Mpho Nkadimeng  Mpho Nkadimeng Mpho Nkadimeng Mpho Nkadimeng Mpho Nkadimeng 





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