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Mugabe Skerritt was born in Brooklyn, New York. Since a child he took a strong liking to visual and written art. Growing in culture and tradition abundant Harlem Mugabe catered his art to that of the  thoughts of the common man. The focus of his work is to bridge the  gaps between all mankind by exposing the very thin lines between all cultures. A graduate of Baruch College’s fine and performing arts  program, Mugabe is a musical consultant at cbtc.Mugabe is a direct descendant of the postmodern artistic movement of  New York City.


Hurt & Lonely

Hurt and lonely
Broke amongst thieves
Hate monger
and hoarder of dreams
But none to be seen by daylight
A hopeless dreamer
Unforeseen squeamish
Behemoth and to be laughed at

– End –


My white brother

My white brother sometimes I hate me and want to be you. Being white
is always cool. No prejudice in school and all the girls like you.
People won’t think twice before they sit next to me and the cops won’t
pressure me. My white brother don’t you see your legacy is unblemished
and you reign king. Without all the negativity it takes to be me.
Living a life perceived as a thief or dummy, no matter how nice I
dress they call me bummy. What a funny world this is. You can be my
brother and bring ease to me. Maybe I can finally live in piece like
you. My white brother wouldn’t you like that too.

– End –

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