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One mindless family

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With no intent,

We shape our continents through the remains of those enslaved,

Now, the blood that runs through these veins seek to portray light in a way that only shows that a heliocentric view has always been evident,

Yet still they deny it…


I choose to exist within the quiet confines of revolutionary thought,

Where ideas can be pushed out into the cosmos

Without any prejudice opposition thought,

If these views were constructive and the criticism positive,

Then at least when I expand,

My ideas will contain a world view that was not borrowed or bought…

My ferocity is displayed and sounded out through strings and chords,

Still some stay bored,

No more room to grow,

They have learnt all there is to know,

Bought out by TV series and magazines,

This seems to appease the consciousness,

Guiding us and showing us what we need…

The pain lies within the greed,

A seed planted by those who agreed to release these minds states into thinking they have been freed,

So we need to feed,

Grow in the knowledge that love is truly all we need,

Within the times when life feels like it’s at an end,

Just wait,

For tomorrow is always a new beginning,

Speak light and positivity into everything,

Into all forms of understanding,

For to change is not easy when mainframes have been shaped by those,

Who claim that the human race is a division and

Not one perfect being,

What am I saying?

That time and understanding can make amends to wrongs,

Which, in principle can never be forgiven?

Be careful, for misinterpretation is complex behavior,

Especially for those who choose to listen with their mouths and not their ears,

Creating fear for those who choose to help in understanding…

So without being too demanding,

I’ll say that knowledge has the power to open up this one mindless family,

– End –

Five elements to sustain living world


Copyright Keenan Bailey a.k.a thesunchild 09′

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