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I stopped to think,

Then saw a light on the horizon,

Was it a distant star?

Or merely a hallucination,

The choices, ad vocation and procrastination which brought me this far had spoken,

We have all been chosen,

To fulfill that which within consistently speaks,

The desire which reeks,

Like a field filled with ammonium crystals,

Yet some still refuse to pay attention,

Grow complacent and then the smell becomes a distant memory,

Which was that star I saw from afar,

Now everyday I move closer,

Through valleys and oceans,

Cityscapes and ghetto filled terrain,

Through the desert storms and find rest within the sunshine and rain,

The truth remains sublime,

For each day more and more mountains to climb we find,

Servants of patience we need be,

Reserve the strength provided by the sun for days when your power is called upon,

To heal and radiate the light of truth and love though out the earth,

Touching organisms you have never even heard of,

For we were always one,

Children of the sun,

No matter how far your earthly desires have removed you from the essence of creation,

And from the eternity we all hail from,

Not one can say that I am wrong,

For no-one knows the hour or the second and then we are gone,

From the day that you were born,

The earth, stars and planetary alignments revealed your gift of love,

You must pass it on,

Pass it on to everyone,

Seek passion, patience and love,

Pass it on,

Find peace within your worry,

Pass it on,

Each day you must move on,

Pass it on

Knowledge, truth and wisdom,

Pass it on.


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