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In this day and age where people are finally realising the effects of global warming, world hunger and waking up to past truths and previous atrocities people have been preaching on about for years but only pay attention to now that the systematic break down of humanity as we know it is dawning, what is your perception?

Carry on not knowing or making a changing to your reality that you are able to shape and mould according to your perception.

God given,

Quite a long question?

Peace and Love as always.

thesunchild – humility is the key to unlock humanityPerception

It’s all become ornamental,

A decorated life with false gold idols,

That rust and wither and have no value in the “real” world,

I remain in the abyss of total illusion,

Yet when confronted with confusion my own choices I’m making,

To stop the intrusion of those who seek retribution for past conclusions diluted,

We gain knowledge,

Strive for truth and wisdom,

Step on those who appease our choices and decisions,


As we observe joy and pain,

Enjoy sunshine and rain,


No need to even explain,

When we should all really be on the same train,

Chain linked and combined with love,

Tied down from above,

Twisted and sealed into a mosaic tapestry,

Like an elegantly crafted Persian rug,

Without the hugs and kisses,

Affectionately true in words we view,

The life and truths,

Galaxies and seas,

Plants and trees,

Are all one,

Combined as we are and

Were collectively conceived with one eternal love,

That is why we believe,

So in truth it is all we need,

There is only one connection to all that moves,

Merely viewed by many eyes yet seen within different hues,

So stay in tune.

Copyright Keenan Bailey a.k.a thesunchild

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