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Music is life and God is love....Sound Engineer, Bass Player, Independent Music Production Company Owner - Humility is the key to unlock humanity

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When in disguise,

Feelings you hide surprise those who hold the dearest places in your heart,

Separated and torn apart,

Confronted by formalities,

You escape through fake smiles,

On fixated dials,

Lost yet visionary,

Obligated to temptation,

Your own misconception when driven by ambition,

Cause for confusion,

Intrusion when seeking solitude,

So many depend on you,

Monetarily you are abused,

No use for,

Still you seek more,

The demons you have faced before,

Always seem to come back and knock on your door,

So now I stand complacent,

Adjacent to me is hatred,

Against mediocrity and poverty,

A place in history,

Our destiny,

Re-write the story.

Copyright thesunchild ‘09’

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