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The revolution will be televised

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An icon and personal hero of mine once said the revolution will not be televised.

http://www.globaldarkness.com/articles/gill_scott_heron_revolution_willnotbe_televised.htm ‘

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ is a poem and song by Gil Scott-Heron.

Many people have also parodied this statement by saying that the revolution must be televised.

I agree, the world needs to see the injustices and social irresponsibility of the media, politicians and our so called leaders. ‘False media we don’t need it do we?’ black thought – the roots The revolution is here.

During this age of IT our lives are filled with media ties so I say it must be televised to allow everyone who has become engrossed in tv, the internet and all other forms of media to see the real ‘truth’.

When I originally wrote this piece I had no idea this ideology had been discussed and parodied by so many great and many of my favourite artists.

This has fuelled my passion in relation to the fact that we are all combined by one universal force, the Spirit which resides inside of all mankind.

Unite in spirit, body, soul and mind and take a stand, as this time the revolution is televised. peace.

thesunchild – ‘humility is the key to unlock humanity’

The revolution will be televised

I’m sure you’ve heard this before….

But I say,

This time the revolution will be televised,

See it in my eyes,

I hold the key to humility which unlocks the power of humanity,

We speak no more of free!

For within humanity I see,

An eternal spectrum of light,

Residing and resounding on the doors of eternity,

Ringing like bells,

Singing like choirs with chords and harmonies based on truth and wisdom,

One vision,

Each characteristic unique yet combining this colour spectrum,

Until there is only one,

This colour, the tone and strength of the sun,

Warming our hearts, melting inhibition,

Replenishing our souls with an eternal light,

God Given,

This is what we now become,

Politically minded motives,

Power struggles for territorial tokens,

Are banished and forgotten,

Bathed in love,

Restored and forgotten truth is now the nurturing seeds for our youth,

Who feed consistently from this spiritual fruit,

Growing up strong,

Passing down melodies and songs,

Written, arranged and composed,

On Gods personal horn,


This time the revolution will be televised,

Though times and trials pass by,

Might not be we, who experience these vibes,

But in generations to come,

Through changing weather patterns and tides,

Afrikan nations will rise,

We will all behold humanity through one another’s eyes,

For the seed once planted has now matured and died,

And the soil now fertile is ready for new seed,

As life once again regenerates,

Feeding and inciting inspiration for philosophers and poets,

Knowledge and not wit,

Is the essence of this,


Copyright thesunchild

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