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Tujay Harmoniquez

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Jonathan “Tujay Harmoniquez” Groenewald is a 1983 born lyricist who was raised on the platinum streets of Rustenburg where he has latus as a pioneer of the area’s intellectual hip-hop.  He was one of the ingenious members of the group P.O.T (power of the Taurus) that laid down the paving for the hip hop hopefuls who were to follow in their footsteps. Leading by example, P.O.T pushed the limits of substance-filled hip hop while still getting respect from the commercial crowds and insane amounts of air-play on radio Mafisa, a local Rustenburg radio station. In a nutshell, Jay is an artist immensely skilled in lyricism that promotes the truth, he brings in levels of maturity and growth hardly ever witnessed. Tujay Harmoniquez has a recognizable voice with identifiable style, being one up on his competition so it’s very hard to miss him in a track. Besides being an avid hip-hop head, he’s also an activist for muscular dystrophy (a syndrome he is living with) and a promoter for youth development especially in colored communities which he feels particularly strong about.

Upon stretching the boundaries of hip hop in Rustenburg, Jay moved to Pretoria in search of more flexible and wider boundaries.  Jay took the time to familiarize himself with the environment before launching his onslaught on the industry in the form of “16 Bar Wire”, his independent LP.  And from that LP he grew as an artist and was able to form an entertainment/music company (4site muzik) which later became one of the labels under the indi conglomerates Hitmason and now runs in the same circles as Pretoria’s finest having become a familiar face.  He is currently working on the growth of Hitmason and his official debut release The Slamcee which is targeted at the hip hop and poetry community but will not be easy for those outside the genre to ignore. Each track will set a different scene, it will be consciously driven but still serves as a powerful listen.

Jay’s accolades include:

•        Beathoven State Theatre  performance,

•        Hype magazine article April/May 2008 issue,

•        Bassline(heads against violence),

•        Rap activity Jam  (Y-Fm, 2006),

•        2#1 radio hits (Radio Mafisa),

•        Top Stereo interview

.         Ranked 4th at the Urban soul  poetry slam in march 2009

.         Various online interviews and  features like

http://www.TheUndergroundAngle.blogspot.com and

http://www.Streetsheet.co.za and The shrine which is an

Online radio show based in atlanta,georgia america

.       Shizniz shoot feb 17 shizniz air Apr 14

.       Poet at House of Hunger Poetry Slam


16 bar wire, comprising of 16 tracks, recorded from May 5th till November 22nd 2007, recorded and produced by Lection (48 studios), additional production by Krossword and Mad24… busy recording the following project The slamcee where he combines his slam content with hiphop.

ParentalGuidance conspiring of 8tracks Released Oct 24 2009 recorded produced engineered mixed and mastered at 4site muzik by Louis M Songz aka Mr Chef (Bk Ent). additional production by Krossword,M.H.King and Oblivious Truth available at


HarmoniqueSongz presents Capcity Rapsody’ which is a collabo mixtape between Tujay and Louis M Songz  where he experiments his mainstream style and premeditating versus meaning he doesn’t write but expresses what the beat inspires and Louis M Songz raising his art in writing. Available at http://www.mediafire.com/capcityrapsody

Featured on Louis M Songz – Hustlers Ambitions album released Dec 12 2010

Coming soon

The Chairman Mixtape dropping May 11 2011 singles available

Getting better ft Decency prod Dynamic


The Author ft Blaklez Foul-play and Decency prod Syklik


Welcome to my world ft Decency prod WHP


You can follow Tujay at http://www.facebook.com/tujay.harmoniquez or


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