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12 Tribes of Israel

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An 18th century Ethiopian image of Jesus


I find Rastafarians to be the most peaceful and spiritually wise people. Their words, stories and songs testify to their unique wisdom. Bobos say that “Africa” is the name that the European colonizers gave to Ethiopia or “Jerusalem”. It is believed that Black Supremacy ideas are seen as essential to the faith and in the Rastafarian conception, true Ethiopian Israelites are BLACK men and women who are ROYAL ETHIOPIANS from creation birth.

The “Twelve Tribes of Israel” is a RastafarI group founded in Kingston, Jamaica, and now functioning worldwide. Its founder, Vernon Carrington, was known as Prophet Gad, and taught his students to read the Bible ‘A Chapter a Day’.

Twelve Tribes of Israel (Ysrayl) Rastafari organization accept “Jesus” (Yahshuwah) The Messiyah/Yesus Kristos as Master and Saviour, and H.I.M. Haile Selassie I as divinely chosen by the Creator to represent him on earth. Due to the stigma associated with slavery and the false/pagan use of the name “Jesus” by enslavers/colonialist not practicing what they preached, It is prefered to use the ancient names of The Messiah(Ha Mashiyahch) which is Yahshuwah, Yahoshua or Yahshua(original sacred Hebrew name) and/or Yesus/I-Yesus Kristos (Amharic/Ge’ez name).

H.I.M. Haile Selassie I is seen as a divinely anointed king in the lineage of King David and King Solomon. While he is considered a type/representation of The Messiyah in Kingly Character, he is NOT Yahshuwah The Messiyah/Yesus Kristos himself, but a representative of the everlasting Davidic covenant, which is to be fulfilled by The Messiah Yahshuah/ I-Yesus Kristos when he returns as The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah(Yahudah).

The Twelve Tribes symbology is based on Yahqob’s (Jacob’s) 12 sons, and correspond to the months of the ancient Ysraylite (Israelite) calendar, beginning with April and Reuben as being the first born son of Yahqob. The Most High Jah/Yah/YHWH gave Yahqob a new name which was Ysrayl (Israel). Some people further relate the 12 Tribes to metaphysical signs. Thus Bob Marley came from the Tribe of Yowseph (Joseph), the eleventh of the biblical Ysrayl’s (Israel’s) twelve children (because he was born in February). The name Levi in Ijahman Levi represents the third child who was born to Yahqob (Jacob). Another well known reggae group of this Organization is Israel Vibration.

Bob Marley, a natty dread, by quoting a biblical passage about Yowseph (Joseph) on the album cover of Rastaman Vibration, was acknowledging his own support for this sect. Dennis Brown, Freddie McGregor, and many other roots reggae artists were associated with The Twelve Tribes of Israel (Ysrayl).

Due to their inclusiveness of all races and acceptance of the Holy Scripture (Bible), though not the oldest, Twelve Tribes of Israel is considered the largest of all Rastafari houses.

One perfect love, Unity and brotherhood. Be filled with wisdom and be blessed children of the soil.

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