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Racism Ruins Lives

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“A child does not have to be

taught how to be happy or the ways of love.
It is fear, hatred, & prejudice that have to be taught.
And from the condition of the world we can see that unfortunately there are some very good teachers.” – UNKNOWN

Are we stuck in PRIDE and PREJUDICE?
Jane Austin, famous author wrote the book Pride and Prejudice, somehow it seems humanity has resorted/resorts to these two crutches TIME after TIME…



LEADS TO i s m


Martin Luther King, Jr. said that…

“Lukewarm acceptance is more bewildering than outright rejection.”

He was onto something with this statement — have we perhaps fooled ourselves to believe we don’t have any pride and prejudices? Lukewarm acceptance is not certain and at any time can turnthe human heart can be triggered at any point by something in its sphere.

It doesn’t seem to take much in the days we are in, where we find humanity to be like ticking time bombs.

We all need to stop and check out if we are a part of adding to the ruins of racism or whether we collect the rubble of stones from the ruins and rebuild humility and acceptance.

Simply R A C I S M RUINS L I V E S ….

& strips the essence of humanity being seen as human….
We can all be inspired by the likes of a Mandela and Mother Teresa, key figures that displayed         lives beyond prejudice

are we following these key lives that changed the world? OR are we undoing the good?


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