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I am wonderfully and fearfully made...I am blessed and Highly favoured.. u ta xi kuma lexi u xi lavaka - I bring up issues that provoke debate. Very compassionate, caring, God fearing -NOTHING CAN SEPERATE ME FROM THE LOVE OF GOD MY SAVIOUR

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In a small town of Nazareth a boy destined to be King of the Jews was born. This was a King different to all Kings, for even the sky paid homage for what the world was to conceive; a great shining star stood as reference on the location of the town where this great King was to be born. The King who ruled at the time heard of the prophetic King of the Jews to be. He did not understand how it would happen and so, he decided to send some of his guards to kill the new born King. Because a prophesy had to be fulfilled, the new born baby King was protected by the hand of God. His name was Jesus, He was born to a couple of the lineage of David, i.e. Mary and Joseph; and He was come to save the world from its way of life which was displeasing in the eyes of God. Jesus Christ of Nazareth grew up to be a humble man soon to accomplish what His prophetic birth meant unto us. Even though He was the Son of God send to save the world, He went to the river where everyone was being baptised in the water by John the baptise for His own baptism; at that point, a great voice came from a cloud saying, “This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased, listen to Him”. Immediately, the spirit of the Lord took Jesus to the wilderness where He fasted and prayed for forty days and forty nights; the devil even visited Jesus in the wilderness to test Him. Jesus had to remind the devil that, “It is written that thou shalt not test the Lord your God”; in this essence, Jesus was reminding the devil that, look, I am still exalted above you. After having fasted for forty days and nights, He was filled with the spirit and began His work through signs and wonders as prophesied.

JOHN 20:30-31_ 30 And many other signs truly did Jesus in the presence of His disciples, which are not written in the bible: 31 But these are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through His name. Truly did He many signs; He healed the sick, turned water into the best wine, walked on water, raised the dead, multiplied bread and fish for the multitude and demons trembled at the mention of His name.

I often ask myself how and why He came through a woman and why did He have to grow up like any other kid, after all, He forms part of the Trinity (God, three in one); I mean He could have just come down to beat the ‘hell” out of the devil and that would have been it. A revelation to that is; He had to endure everything that we endure on earth and later die just like we do. To elaborate on that; When He did the signs in the witness of many, He was in essence saying, “My name is above all that you can endure, I am above sickness, I am above poverty, I am above Principalities, I am above the devil and I am above death itself”. It happened that Jesus gained popularity, and His name was shouted in every corners of Jerusalem. The high priests did not understand how a man would command demons, how could He forgive sin and why could He heal. This reminds me of a blind man sited by the way and was begging for food and he heard that Jesus was around town. This man was fed up with his condition and so he called on Jesus. He was shouting so loud that people next to him told him to shut-up. He kept on calling, saying; “Jesus”, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me”. Jesus heard his cry and drew attention to this man, Jesus said to this man, “what can I do for you?” the man replied, “That I may see again”, and Jesus healed him.

It came to pass that Jesus came to meet a man who could not walk for 37years, this man was always sleeping by the pool because every time they steered the pool, people that are sick in their bodies would jump in and were made whole again. Now, Jesus said to this man, “what can I do for you?” and instead of responding to the question, the man said unto Jesus, “I do not have anyone to help me”, Jesus said unto him, take up your mat and go, immediately the man was healed and ran around the area with joy. Even when Jesus has come to our rescue, we still don’t see it. This man was healed on the Sabbath day. Sabbath is a day that the Jews through the Law of Moses, are expected to rest. The High Priests saw this as blasphemy to their religion and hence called for the crucifixion of Jesus.

As if healing the blind, walking on water and commanding the sea to be still, a friend of Jesus by the name of Lazarus died. They gave him the massage and Jesus delayed to go for four more days, now, in Hebrew customs, you are only considered really dead after four days and yet Jesus delayed. After four days have passed Jesus ordered his disciples to show Him the grave; it is said that Jesus began to call out unto Lazarus: “Lazarus, come forth”, “Lazarus, come forth”… It is return that Lazarus immediately came out of his tomb and no one helped him out but he listened to the voice of Jesus Christ. Even unto the most dreadful enemy (Death) Jesus still had dominion.

It happened that, what Jesus was sent to do on earth was to come to pass; little did the devil know that the whole plan from the beginning was for Jesus to die on the cross. The devil had corrupted Judas into the love of money for he had to sell the Identity and where-abouts of Jesus to the High Priest and the Roman Soldiers. Well, it happened that during their last supper, Jesus told Judas to go and do what is in his heart; Judas left and Jesus said to the other disciples; “I will rebuild the church in three days,” He took bread, broke it and said: “Take, eat, for this is my body”; He also gave them wine and said: “Take, drink, for this is my blood”. This was symbolising the body that was about to be broken and the blood that was about to be poured unto nations of the earth. Jesus later went on to pray and sweat in the form of blood came from His four-head because He was now near the fulfilment but was in agony. He said a prayer to God and said: “Let this cup pass me”. At this point Jesus was already feeling the weight of the world for every sin on earth was now on Him. He then said to God “but not my will, let your will be done”.

Judas returned with the soldiers and the High Priests and he went to give Jesus a hug and kissed him. That is what they told him to do as to point out who Jesus was. They arrested Jesus and Simon Peter took out his sword and cut off one of the soldier’s ear, instead Jesus said unto His disciples, “we do not fight against flesh and blood but against the principalities” and He put back the soldier’s ear. In Hebrew culture, before you were crucified, you had to be beaten up, torn, stoned and all sorts of punishment you can think of. Now here stands a man who has no sin to His name in front of Pilot to be judged. It happened that Pilot wanted nothing to do with the death of Christ and so the Jews had to pass judgement then it was agreed that Jesus be Crucified and let Barnabas the killer go.

Jesus was given a throne by the Roman soldiers made out of thorns and was pressed deep down into his skin on the head, remember that they beat Him up and his skin was thorn and flesh was already visible to the eye, little did the devil know that what he was doing to Jesus was actually setting up his own trap that will strip him of power till today. Jesus carried the cross all across Jerusalem being paraded to the community that was throwing rocks at Him. It’s like I can feel Jesus asking Himself that, the very people that I must die for are hitting me and yet I still carry this cross. He had the power to kill everyone that was around and mocking Him but He said, “Let your will be done my Father”. When they reached the Mountain, time was not wasted but He was nailed on to the cross. A normal person should have died on the way out of excessive blood lose but because He had to die on the cross He stayed on. One of the men that were crucified next to Him said, “Remember when you’re in paradise” and Jesus replied and said “surely at the end of this day, I will be with you sited at the right hand of our father”. And as for the other man, he said, if you’re truly the Son of God, “Why don’t you call the Angels to come and rescue you”. This was again the devil trying even at the last hour to ridicule Jesus. That man did not live long but died and went to hell. At this point the sins of the world were too many on Jesus and God turned His back. Jesus cried with a loud voice and said “Father, Father, why have you forsaken me”. God could not face His own Son because of the sins that He has taken upon Him but could not rescue Him as well because He loved us so much that His own Son had to die. Jesus said “Father unto you, my spirit I give.” Jesus died and it become dark all over the area, there was a great earth-quake and people started saying amongst themselves; “truly He was the Son of God.”

He was later buried in a tomb that was sealed with a very big rock. On the third day as He had said to His disciples, “I will rebuild the church in three days” He rose from the dead, Jesus is alive and He is still King. Now, having shared with you what it means to know that, the God we serve is far greater than any other evil we may endure on earth, He gave us a resurrection spirit, which is the same spirit that rose Jesus from the dead. We have now, the power to fight principalities and change our destiny to live like Kings. Lastly, believe in Him and in the power of His name and you shall be saved. That’s all it takes to be a Son of God. May you be blessed exceedingly, may He give you favour, may He open doors that you thought can never be opened, may He protect you and your household, may He cause confusion in the camp of the devil, may them that curse you be cursed seven times more, may He be your guide and may His goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life.

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